‎2 days ago in a rush to resume watching ‘Lost’ I cleverly force shutdown my laptop while it was automatically updating and…… it CRASHED ! Despite multiple CPRs (Dell restore options) it refused to breathe and I’d to give it for service. (Yaay, it has warranty)
I thought it was chuma warning me not to turn off..(You know, you pull the USB without ejecting it.. yet nothing happens).. So now.. How was I supposed to know that it’ll crash? So, Lesson 1 – When the computer tells you something, it means it.

All the music and pictures are gone. So, Lesson – 2 Store everything in D or E drive and not in the desktop or library (Dono why they wanna call it a library if you can’t store..Grrr)

Most Important lesson, You don’t wait for the USB to crash as well. So every time, eject the pen drive before you pull it out.

So I proudly tell  The Dude… see I learnt my lessons.. and he says “Yeah.. I’m waiting for the day you will stop treating the machine like a rabbit and stop lifting the laptop by its ears. He means the LCD screen…

Ahhhh….. Now how much more can I handle? 😛 🙂


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