to cry or to laugh.

Been a while since I shed tears.. (bawling for the movie moonu be excused)

Yesterday evening, for no reason felt very sad. very lonely. And as always was haunted by thoughts of people I hurt. So tears started flowing… Dear Husband (DH) thought it must be for the talk/lecture he delivered in the morning… yeah, that is another story.

So I went to the terrace because I wanted some alone time.

In just  5 minutes, I came back running to the house cos of the mosquito attack.

I opened the door… to find DH making maggi… For Us.

I wanted to wrap my arms and drown him with love but hunger got the better of me. Took the noodles bowl..with tears pouring outta eyes and nose.

I was half way through the noodles .. and suddenly felt like hugging him. So I climbed onto his lap.. and started crying on his shoulders.

DH hugged me tight and kept rocking me.. till I stopped sniffling.  After 2 minutes.. felt so much better… I  got up from his lap to sit back on the bed.

DH sweetly says “Aiyee, nice aa mukuchali thodachitiyaa? “

Aaaarghh !!!


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