Kill Bill

Dear Husband (DH) is off to Chennai. Its has been a week. He has been super busy. Of course he calls during the day but only to discuss official work.

Me on the other hand. Was busy for the first 4 days and actually enjoyed being alone at home. Doing my own thingie. Actually it would be not doing anythingie 🙂

But last 2 days have been thinking of DH. Many times. Too many times. 

So yesterday I sent an SMS. The first subtle hint – “Hey DH- The volley ball court says, I miss you” . Well, I got..  NO REPLY

Today, as soon as I woke up, I sent him the next SMS.”Hey DH. Thought you’d come and wake me up.. Surprise ah”.   Again, NO REPLY.

2 Hours later DH sends a text “Baby, miss cuddling up next to you” … Awwwww.. Heart swells 🙂  So this time … I did NOT reply.

DH calls 4 hours later and talks.Official stuff. And before he hangs up says “Hey.. I feel like seeing you” ..   And I reply.. “Really? this is not something you’d say”. I KILLED THE MOMENT. Dint I?

But anyway the heart is happy. Its quite good that couples stay apart once in a while.. 

no wonder they say “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”  🙂  


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