Cheeky me

The Dude and I tok my Dad’s 2wheeler for a spin. Felt good to sit close to each other and keep yapping. In the car, its usually me singing to the music and The Dude finds it difficult to stop my musical outpour.

So we were talking about a situation a common friend of ours Mr.D who is just turning 27 while his girlfriend is 2 years older to him. So there is this huge suspense of how in the world his parents will accept this whole deal.. age difference and all that..

He  becomes silent for a minute.. Then he quips “Its a good thing we got married so early. No?
Me : Why?
He : No.. seriously because we are married, I am able to focus more on work. You see there is no DISTRACTION any more.
Me: Yeah. So true. After marriage. No Attraction. No distraction 😀 😛
He : Heyyyyy !!! How can you say that
Me: Evil Laughter. Boooohaahaha Haa


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