17 things I would tell to the 18 year old me

1. Stop fighting with amma. Years later you will feel sorry for all the yelling

2. Wear lots of skirts. You may hesitate 10 years later.

3. Don’t be such a senti cutlet. A day will come when you become a strong girl.

4. Start doing meditation and yoga. Soon you will discover Isha and wish you had started early

5. Don’t throw off the diary that you are keeping. You will find you don’t have a great memory for incidents.

6. Your hate for her is so immature. At 27, she will become your good friend.

7. Start enjoying household chores. It is seriously sick to start doing it at 27.

8. Your summer holidays is the best. Read as much as you can. You will start missing books soon.

9. Take plenty of photos of your waist length straight hair. Soon, the world will be full of artificially (fake) straightened -hair gals.

10. Learn Bharatnatyam. You will regret it later

11. Your Ass is quite fine. 5 years later, you will know why someone fell in love with you at first sight

12. Don’t be such a goody goody in school. Its ok to bunk classes, have fun and misbehave

13. Do you see your friends around you? They matter. Not the Doofus who is with you now.

14. Learn to say No.  Good to practice early.

15. Your Truth is not The Truth. You will discover it soon. So chillax.

16. Eat as many chocolates and ice creams as you can. 10 years later, you will say a big NO whenever someone offers you one.

17. Don’t get so hungup on what others will think of you.



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