The “Me – Time”

– Being at home, cooking, cleaning, reading, sleeping, watching movies and doing so much more

– Shopping for long hours and buying things (clothes/accessories/books/groceries)

–  Living alone in the house when The Dude is away

– Reading a novel nonstop from the cover to the end.

I know of wives who wouldn’t stay apart from their husband. But personally, I love the ‘me- time’ very very much. I don’t get bored or lonely. I still want to do few more things. For instance take a vacation alone (I don’t mean sight seeing because I am on work in a new city and bored so I will go visit the mall types).

But I  have to also admit that I dislike weeks together of ‘me- time’ which is when I  start complaining to The Dude how much I miss the ‘we-time’.


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