Testing IQs

The Dude is super busy in office. Atleast his status message says busy, do not interrupt.  Usually in times like this, I have to disturb him.. and I ping him.

Me – Chinu, if a dog should wear a pant, how many holes should it have?

He – depends if its a male or a female….

Me – *&&%%#@^ %$%^*     hayyo. Seri female vechuko

He – 4

Me- Wrong. 4 plus 1 for the tail  😛

He – Wrong. 1 hole is enough for both susu and crapping. You should see a dog sometimes:P

Me-  Dude, 4 for the legs and 1 for the tail

He – u mean it should shit on its pants?  It should remove pants no?

Me – aarrgghhh. okthnxbye.


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