questioning oneself

A close buddy of mine is pregnant.

Well the pregnancy was unplanned and totally unexpected. It was more of  a shock to her.. and she needed some time to accept the whole situation.

The funny part is that she does not wish to share the news with anyone until its confirmed 2 months.

So .. how did Achu alone know? It so happened that I was to meet her in a week’s time and she was worried that I would find out given her present state of mind!!

I was super hurt that she did not want to tell me and I told her about it. Honest soul that she is, she confessed that she did not plan to tell me or any other friends until it is confirmed 2 months.. but she feared I would find out.. so HAD to tell me. Paaah !

Coming to my feelings. Hurt – Yes.  Disappointed – Very.

Well, when I observe myself I can see its an ego prick for me. But that also got me thinking.. Why do we keep a pregnancy under the wraps until the first 3 months are over?  Yes, the chances of miscarrying is huge. Statistics says 1 out of 4 pregnancies end up in miscarriage. But so what if that happens. Why do you have to be scared if you lose the baby. We lose family members all the time.. Grandparents, uncles, aunties and parents. That is never a secret.

In fact we call up and inform people far and wide of the loss. So why is the reverse in the case of a baby?  Why should a miscarriage be such a hush hush issue?

There is a lot of social stigma and conditioning in each one of us. It is up to each of us to

1) want to deal with it

2) actually deal with it

Oh, by the way I am supposed to keep this a secret too..  😛


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