A young boy, full of life, dreams, hope and intensity.. died. Just like that.. bitten by a viper. The unacceptable part for me was that.. he was a trained snake handler with the credit of rescuing even King cobras. He had rescued thousands of snakes.. by which I mean, he had saved more than a 100 human lives. Why this to him?

It has taken a long time for me to reconcile with the terms of his death. More so, it is my anguish about the way he died. If he had met with an accident and passed away, it may not have bothered me so much. But someone wise said that .. When death comes, you just can’t escape that. So true.

So for me 2012 ended on a sad note.
I still think about the boy. He was lucky that in his final moments he earned the grace of Guru. Maybe, it was after all a good thing for him.

2013 seems to be the year of babies. One by one.. my friends are getting pregnant. 2 of my very close friends are having babies and 3 others are furiously 😉  working at it.

My close friend A was saying the other day how worried and anxious she is that her parents are aging and the reality is that they may not be around for long. I wanted to explain to her… yes.. When we are celebrating new life, it is only proper that we gracefully allow some lives to be taken away. Yes, it is sad when those lives are ones that are close to you..  But c’est la vie !

Its hard to believe that just about 7 years ago, I dreamt of having a child of my own. Children actually.. I wanted two kids.  When I started dating The Dude.. early on he explained to me that he would not want to have kids.. Not many understand our decision to not have kids. They think this decision is something imposed by the place we live. In a way, yes, the kind of life that we have chosen does not support having a kid and raising it. But apart from that, just looking around.. one definitely wants to ask, is it something that  you really want?

For millions of years, people have done just this. Is there a way to break this cycle?

I remember when I was about 10 years old, I used to travel by the town bus to my home everyday after school. It used to be so crowded. Pushing and pulling, heavy bags, people stamping on your toes, sweaty armpits. I often used to think, why did I have to be sitting next to this smelly aunty  shoving her bosom on me. We cross by the same people every day.. why do certain situations happen to us.

Now two decades later, I still don’t have an answer to all that. But I am happy that I am where I am.  At least the search has begun


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