Being Mallu?

I’ve definitely spoken more Tamil than Malayalam in my life because I was born in Kongu thamizh pesum Coimbatore and most of my friends are Tamilians. Actually 2 of my friends from school are Mallus yet we converse only in Tamil. The Dude does not speak malayalam. His mother tongue is Telugu. Once when his grandma spoke to me in Telugu, forgetting that I can’t understand, I ‘wow’ed her by replying to her in really good Telugu (I am impressed with myself, even if you are not). Maybe I have a talent for picking up languages. How else can I explain that I learnt to read Malayalam just watching the titles on Asianet? 😉

But basically, I am a Mallu. I call my dad Acha and my mom Amma.

Of late I am getting reminded of my malluness too much by my dear husband who tells “Unga Aalunge” if he notices some aunty with big bossom and curly hair or guys smoking beedi in pink lungi. What the hell !

When I was newly married, I coaxed The Dude into watch my favourite Mallu movie with me. I policed him throughout the movie-watching to ensure that he 100% appreciated the wonderfulness of it. And an hour later, it drew on me.. how silly I was to expect a guy who likes Lakalakala ka Rajinikanth to enjoy Lal ettan’s portrayal of Dr.Sunny Joseph. Sigh!

Living in an Ashram, one does not even know or care about someone’s mother tongue. You converse in English.. or Tamil. But surprisingly, this is more of a Golti land. You cannot escape some paatis or even aunties talking in full blown Telugu. Sometimes makes me wish I had a mallu friend here.. where I could talk about Prithviraj and his receding hairline.

So a few months back, I was volunteering when a group of people came . Their skin tone and the oily hair didn’t leave much for me to guess they were from Malluland. So.. I started speaking to them in Malayalam about the vibration inside temple n other things…when suddenly I could not get one particular word.

I could think of the tamil word for it.. and the english one.. but malayalam failed me. Thankfully, one pavam ungle took pity and saved this penkutty.

So I have put rest to this new streak in me.. trying to be a mallu when I am just about everything else but that.

Hello, the only time I like coconut oil is in the Aviyal my mom makes.I have enjoyed the scenic beauty of Kerala many a times.After eating pazhampori and aapam for 2 days, I cannot wait to go back to the land of sambar and dosa. And most importantly, I say college, not coalage and my hair is as straight as the bathroom brush 🙂



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