When Achu means Business.

The Dude and I had a fight. emmm.. I dont know if you could call it a fight. This is what happened.

I got some clothes to be donated from THe Dude’s cousin and I was going through all of them. I wanted to keep the ones I could wear and give out the rest to others. So I picked my favourite and put them in a bundle..just in time to see The Dude climbing down the stairs. We were getting ready to leave to my house and it was 6.30 AM. The Dude was in no mood to see them and tried to push me away. So I held on to his hand and started pinching him.. all the while yelling why he would not see.. He begged me to stop and I would not listen. So he lost his temper and pulled his hand away in one split motion..
I stood there gaping at him. Tears starting to collect in my eyes. Sat on the bike. Kept mum for the entire 40 kms drive. kept mum the whole day.. answering only to questions asked. no smile/glance at him. It is very difficult considering my seat in office in right next to him and we live in a single room.

If he did not want to apologize, neither did I.

But in the night, it is too cold and it rained and .. (don’t imagine much) we held hands and slept. So when we woke up in the morning it was awkward for me to keep a long face. But that did not mean I forgave him.

So 2 days later.. this morning, I made him stay on the bed and watch me try out every single dress. even the ones that I decided to give away. I also hit him hard twice and yelled at him ” you could have done it that day itself. periya aalaa nee”.

Well, I do not know if he got my point. But I want to mean.. when I say something..dude, u better listen !


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