Dude’isms – 3

I fantasized a lot when I was a teenager. Like a friend of mine describes.. ” Naamellam kallu thadikki vizhundhadey ille.. eppovomey love la dhaa vizhundhirkom” (We’ve never fallen by tripping over a stone but only in love)

I always used to dream about the guy in my life.. who would kiss and hug me incessantly and of times where I would have to push him away and beg him to stop. So.. now Karma being a bitch.. what do I get.. read on.

After all these years (7 years of knowing each other), The Dude gives me a smile or a short hug for everything – good luck, congrats, bye, happy birthday, happy anniversary – you name it!

Then I have to give him the warning look and remind him that I am not his sistah and it is ok to do more 😉 … after which he will hurriedly / awkwardly kiss my forehead and cheeks and give his best smile.


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