Why I am married to this Man

  • He insists on folding all his clothes by himself and arranging in his cupboard.  ….. that would mean 2 minutes per t’shirt,  1 minute for vests n briefs while I bundle mine and shove it into the cupboard
  • He has clean nails …… all twenty of them. He sits and files them too. with deep concentration. 
  • He has an exteremely offensive body odour ….. as he comes dripping wet after a game of volley ball and gives me a bear hug
  • He maintains his love for his first wife ..errm .. Mrs.Maruti Esteem ……. He takes my shampoo to wash her.. for 2 hours. Don’t get me started on this.

Most importantly, His heart does not ache for my tears or sad face ……. as he builds houses in the cities he buys when we play monopoly


3 thoughts on “Why I am married to this Man

  1. Lol..Hehe…I am glad he is an automobile enthusiast and a volleyball player too. Something I used to do too in my early days, and yes I do all the chores of my house alone… Now beat that 😛

    Thanks for sharing…Cheers

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