tick tock tick tock .. away

Do you worry about turning old?

Someone sent a message saying that 30 is the new 20.  Is it so?

Growing up.. I couldn’t wait to become 25 .. When I turned 25 years old, 30 seemed a looong way to go.  Now, suddenly it does not seem so. So what’s been happening?

First, a few grey hairs appeared. As I was running my finger through my hair, I discovered a silver strand. Actually it was not one but two. Funny thing, I loved it.. possibly because since it was on the left side, I felt that its a sign of the growing wisdom  (dare don’t laugh) .. But now I have silver strands in the left, right and centre, accepting that its not my wisdom am left wondering if I am slowly turning into a wolf.

Next is my tryst with the weighing scale.

Nicknamed skeleton in school…back then, if  I heard people discuss about weight or being thin, I would turn paranoid. Emm.. My Mom’s been asked if she was giving me food. Turn 25, you begin to gain some weight and you get complimented that you look healthy … Slowly you start indulging in things that never interested you as a kid. Wafers, biscuits, chocolates and sweets suddenly become so tempting. That’s how you land yourself in a mess. Then after 6 months of working your ass off (and giving up on many nice things)  you manage to get into a decent shape. A few weeks of laziness and lo, you are again back to square one. Square one in my case sadly is the +4kgs me.

As you grow old, there are many many things that change..you get reminded of your age. Kids call you aunty (not you, mocking fellow). you gotta learn to maintain your room,you have less energy,  your butt aches when you go for a long drive on the bike, you are supposed to take responsibility for many many things.

So..I have decided to savour every moment lest it passes by with no comprehension of it’s value.

P.S :  Post dedicated to S,  its her birthday today. and no she’s not 30 yet. Yeeayye!!  🙂


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