C’est la vie my friend :)

When The Dude travels for work, if I call him, it will go unanswered. If not that, it will be answered with a hushed ‘Achu I’m in a meeting. Will call you. Click’.  He on the other hand would call me several times in the day. Of course to talk business. It would usually be like “Send this.. Do this.. do that.. Speak to them.”

When both of us are in the office, things are different..  For many of you that do not know, I occupy the desk right next to him. I would get called a dozen times in the day .. and each time I will have to get up (we’re seated on the floor) and go to look into some document that he wants me to see. Or he’d shout out loud (cos there is a partition, thankfully) if he wants to communicate something.

We usually take a break for 10 minutes during lunch time.. where he fills me with what’s new and what’s pending stuff. You know what I am talking right. We are devoid of any personal communication. So today after we were back from the break.. as I am sitting, I get a watsapp  notification. I open and see its from The Dude. He does not watsapp me… Ever.

I am happy.  So I am smiling to myself and wondering what a little thing like that could do to your mood.  I open it.

And what does it say?

Achu, pls translate this  paragraph. ” ….. ”

Guys, believe me when I say I am generally an optimistic person 😀 😀

I better go translate that. bye!


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