He sees her every day at the park. She teaches Tai Chi. He joined her class just to see her and get to know her. He tried talking to her quite a few times but the conversations never lead anywhere. She was never rude. Her answers were always to the point. He noticed that her smile never reached her eyes. She looked so lost.

One day he arrived a little early and sees her chatting with a bunch of students from another class. She had her arms around one in a friendly way and was laughing loudly at some joke.

He feels hurt. This is unlike her. Why is she so stiff with me? Does she know that I have fallen for her? Should I just stop coming here? Or has she fallen for me too and playing hard to get.. he wonders. Then he sees that it is just his ego and pushes away that thought from his mind. How can she ignore me without even giving me a chance?

He decides that he will do things to catch her attention. He should smile more and even crack jokes like the other guys she speaks to.ย She rarely glances at him in the class except to correct his posture.

Today at the end of the session, their eyes meet for a brief second. Just as he begins to smile broadly, she averts her eyes quickly. He feels snubbed and angry.

He looks at her. She bends down to pick her bag and he notices the scar on her hand. A deep scar. Cigarette. Probably.

Damn, he mutters and begins to walk away.


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