Small joys in life

10487391_10152584447658875_4011903230251686511_nI simply love picking fruits off trees and eating them fresh 🙂 🙂 what fun no? Two days ago, I accompanied Anand and some guests for a field visit to a farm in Gobichettipalayam. While he was explaining the cropping pattern and other technical stuff, I wandered off…and decided to explore the farm by myself.

After many many Banana trees,Papaya trees, Coconut trees and timber trees …I saw Guava trees with few guavas but all of them still green. Disappointed I walked further and saw Amla (Indian Gooseberry) trees .. Just like the small gooseberries, they also hang in a bunch and it is so lovely to see such plump berries. I just plucked one and put it in my mouth. It was super crunchy & juicy. So different from the ones you buy in the shop. Satisfied, I turned back to join the group when I noticed a tree with this fruit.

I crushed one and saw a deep violet color spreading on my finger. It had a fantastic smell (like body wash) and I was tempted to lick my finger and taste it. But I was also scared cos I did not want to fall ill eat something poisonous. So I hurried to the group and showed the fruit to the farmer’s wife.

Not wanting to appear greedy I casually asked her what it was 😉 😛

And…. it was Mulberries she told me that I could eat it !!! Ah… I was sooooo happy.

I have never tasted mulberries before 🙂 🙂

Small joys in life, eh?  


2 thoughts on “Small joys in life

  1. Oh. You have never had mulberries :O In my aunts place in KL there was this plant and I would be below it every single time I go there for summers. The semi red and black ones are the best. Recently they cut the plant, and I was saddened by that act of theirs. I don’t visit them often these days 😛

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