5 stages of loss and grief

Yeah, we all have heard about the 5 stages of grief. Let me tell you something more . . .


You have a bar of your favourite chocolate in the fridge.. which you have saved for a better day unlike the husband who just gobbles up his with no concern whatsoever about the future.

You have then forgetten about it completely. A few days later, when you are super hungry and kicking yourself mentally for not having emergency food at home.. you suddenly remember the bar of chocolate. You open the fridge, search it thoroughly only to discover its gone. Then …. comes the 5 stages

Denial: “Is it really gone? It was right here, I hid it nicely behind the oorga bottle…how”

Anger: “You stole mine and ate? You ate yours and mine too? You are not my husband.”

Bargaining: “If you mop n sweep the room and do a dozen other work, I may not make a big deal out of it anymore”

Depression:  “I want the chocolate, I want it… I soooo want it”

Acceptance: “Ok! Its ok to share. But pls, don’t do it next time”.

But did they tell you that there is actually a 6th stage?

Evil laughter erupting from deep down: Good he ate it. May he become fat. muahahahaha !!!


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