H2O .. Oh ho ho!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of lorries that supply water?


Overflowing water??? Same pinch 🙂

I remember when I was about 6 or 7 years old.. my Dad, Mom & I were going in the scooter and there was this water lorry in front of us. Like every other lorry, it had water overflowing from the tap and the sides. I remember the anguish in my Mom’s voice as she pointed it out to me. At that point, I did not understand why it bothered her. I, for one, was enjoying the zig zag pattern the water was making on the road and thought it was pretty cool…

When you are six years old you don’t understand that your parents pay money to buy hard water (salt water) for daily usage. You don’t think much when your Dad takes the scooter and goes in search of the tempo guy to book for water. Imagine with no mobile phone how tough it must have been for him to catch hold of this guy. Even after he would book, the atmosphere at home would be tense and Mom would be terribly worried imagining how she would manage if the tempo guy does not turn up.

Well… all that was ages ago. Eventually, they got water connection.. and things improved to a large extent. Recently my parents have shifted to a new house with no water problems at all .. so all okay for them now 🙂

Yesterday I was discussing some topics related to environment, when a Swami in my team remarked ” Akka, have you ever seen a milk lorry or a lorry carrying petroleum/fuel having a leakage? Never!!!  So it is not that we don’t know to manufacture lorries… Its just that we give only so much importance to water‘.

How true… no?


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