True Calling & Higher Purpose of Living

Like how some people say they have a true calling in life or some greater purpose, I believe Sarees, yep you read it right.. Sarees have a calling.

So when I see someone wearing a beautiful saree and they can’t carry it well, I feel very sad. for the saree. errrrr.. its such a waste no?  I see old paatis wearing fabulous cotton sarees and I always mentally beg them to adopt me, That way, I can help the saree find its true calling. (Now don’t ask me what my purpose or calling is)

Over the last two years, I visited three of my preggy friends and got their kurtis. Now these friend of mine gave away 20 plus kurtis, most of it ‘M’ size. Not wanting to wear them right away, I put them up in a cardboard box and shoved it on top of my cupboard. So in the last two years, after numerous attempts at weight & watch, the box stood there… unopened.

A new girl  has joined our project team. She is remarkable. She is not interested in making money. She has invested all her time and energy in developing a model to help improve the livelihood of farmers. The Dude interviewed her and asked what we could offer her as a support and she has asked for Rs.2,500/- per month as honorarium. She says  that should take care of her needs. If this girl wants to make money, she can. She is educated, intelligent and very smart. But she chooses to live like this. Just the basics. All she has is 4 sets of clothes. [Can you imagine??!! I was shocked] … I saw her wearing faded clothes and I felt have to, have to make her wear other clothes.

Now this girl is very petite and skinny and looks like a pixie. She will look like a ghost if I give her my current size clothes. So I decided to open the kurti box and  let her choose from the ‘M’ size ones. Yesterday night she came to my room and picked a couple of kurtis that she liked. When she took my favourite blue kalamkaari kurti, I gasped inaudibly but I remembered I was exploding in it and decided I should probably let her take it.

Today morning she came to the office wearing. She had a string on her hip which did not make it look too loose. She looked so cute and very pretty.

I,  for one, felt happy and snubbed. Snubbed coz she looks better in it than me and happy coz my kurti found its true calling.


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