On a regular day, this happens.

The Dude : Achu…get up

Me : 5 minutes, please.

(10 minutes later)

The Dude : Achu, its time. Get up.

Me : I am awake. See. (Open my eyes and flash my best smile at him)

(10 minutes later)

The Dude:  [in a slightly meanacing tone] Enough. Get up now. Out of the bed.

Me : I am up.

Pin drop silence in the house for a while. Then I hear him roll the yoga mat on the floor.  That’s when,

Me : (Screaming) Wait for me. Wait for me. Don’t start without me. [Rush to the bathroom to brush]

So when I have a holiday, one would assume I would sleep in, considering I can barely getup during the week. But my sleep has its own timetable, you see. Whenever I am on a vacation, I am up like an owl while the dude is zzzzzz and nothing can wake him up. Try as I might, I can’t go back to sleep …and on days like this, I want to kill myself.   :-I


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