Being more equal.


Even today, in most houses there is gender discrimination. Women are expected to do certain jobs. All the time. Though many men agree that women can take up any job, when it comes to home, there is an invisible demarcation. All this starts quite early. In most household, though the expectation from both the girl and male child is same, like getting top marks, finding a nice job, the girl child is expected to help at home while the boy is not.

Even an easy chore like wiping the table after dinner or washing his plate is not dished out to the boy.

While I was younger, I did not venture into cooking. My mom did not expect me to help her in the kitchen or in the house hold activities in any way. When I got married, the dude & I agreed to split the house work between ourselves. I would cook while he would take care of washing the dishes. If he’d put clothes into the machine, I’d dry them. This idea of making him participate did not go well with quite a few people who always felt he was the pavam (poor) one.

A toiling wife in kitchen is considered the perfect recipe for marital bliss but if the tables are turned, the chances of the wife being called manipulative and dominating is quite high. While charity begins at home, this gender equality begins just after the doorstep!

A man sitting and watching something on the computer while the lady is mopping the house is a scene from any house. The reverse of it would be considered a sacrilegious act.  Has this changed? Will this change? Shouldn’t it change?

All that said, I admit that I know a few men who are ready to roll up their sleeves and help out in every way without having to be told (threatened, cajoled or manipulated  :P) and may God bless your kind 🙂


2 thoughts on “Being more equal.

  1. I really enjoy your writing. Short and up to the point. I think times are changing but still there are lot of houses in village that expect women to do the household chores. Well I definitely get your point. 🙂

  2. Thanks Anoop for your encouragement. I can tell you that even in cities nothing has changed. I know so many women who go to office everyday and then take up the household work with absolutely no support from the spouse. Why even in my mom’s case it is like that. My dad does not help her at all (she does not let him do anything is a different story). There is a girl in my office who travels 40 kms everyday to work and does all the cooking and cleaning in the house. Her husband has a job just 2 kms away from the house and does not help her with anything,. I keep telling her she should not be like this and SHOULD make him do stuff too 😀

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