How does a 29.6 year old fall off the bed?

It is possible. Ask me coz I fall. A lot. Whether it is tripping over my own feet or a blade of grass or climbing the stairs or walking in the slush after the rain. I fall.

The other day, I wanted to cut vegetables. My favourite place to do any activity i.e brush, eat, dream, read, write, watch lap top and sleep is my bed. I had the cutting board in one hand and the knife plus vegetables on a plate in the other hand. The bed was cluttered and messy with many things. Not wanting to clear the mess on the bed I decided to sit on the corner and push everything to the other corner (The Dude’s side). I placed the board and plate on the bed and then all I knew was that I was slipping…

When I fall down, it’s like I’m in the third level of the dream (Thank you inception). I find that I have a LOT of time to think morbid thoughts. I thought I will hurt my head or break my hip. I saw myself in a cast but then I decided it will be my knee that cracks. But thanks to my reservoir of multiple layers of adipose tissue, I didn’t break anything.

The Dude who burst out laughing was there in a flash and maintained a grave face as soon as he saw me on the floor. I started bawling and sat there on the floor till I ran out of tears. Once I was ok, he wanted to know how I fell down. So I told him that HE had cluttered the entire bed with HIS things and all I had was a tiny corner to sit.

 Then he asks me this pointless question “Why didn’t you grab anything and stop falling”?

Eh? Wasn’t I busy figuring out if it was my hip or knee or legs that was gonna break. How could I have thought of grabbing something in the middle of it all?

 SIGH.Sometimes I’m simply tired that he expects too much from me.   😀 😀 


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