why i love being a (book) worm

My Amma says that as a toddler I used to turn the pages of Misha (which translates to bear in Russian), one of the most popular children’s magazine in the 1980s. I couldn’t read ..but I used to sit with the magazine for hours. That’s how my love affair with books started. In my house nobody read out to me or pushed me to read books. Somehow I instinctively used to reach out to books and not toys every time.

I will always be grateful to my Dad for introducing me to story books. Every time he went for a trip, he would get me story books. I must have been in the second standard when he got me two books ‘Black Beauty’ and ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’.  I finished reading Black beauty and totally fell in love with horses. Even now, whenever I see a horse, I check to see if it has a star on its forehead.

My Dad visited the lending library every alternate day to pick up books for me. Slowly I got lost in the world of Famous five, secret seven , Nancy drew and Hardy Boys.  I would read voraciously and at one point I remember my Dad asking me if I actually read or skipped pages 🙂 As I entered the teens, I got hooked on to the likes of Sidney Sheldon, Grisham and Archer.

I remember, the first time I read ‘Love Story’ by Erich Segal and when it ended (leukemia killed Jenny) I actually wanted to kill the author. I wept so hard 🙂  Since college, I haven’t read many books. I guess it is because I got busy with relationships, mobile phones, television and internet.  Still most of the books that I continue to read belong to the category of fiction and i cannot get myself to do any sensible reading.

I had this book ‘A thousand splendid suns’ with me for many years but only very recently I ended up reading it. There are some books that give you so much pain that it refuses to leave you even after so many days. The book had paragraphs that left my face moist with tears. What a wonderful wonderful feeling it is to sit with a book.. no?

  • I wonder if I would live to grow old. If I do,I wish I have healthy eyesight to read because that is all I would want to do.
  • I also wonder if I will ever get The Dude to ever read to read a book whose idea of reading is strictly restricted to ‘Overdrive’ and ‘Auto Car’.

4 thoughts on “why i love being a (book) worm

  1. I love reading too, and remember reading ‘A thousand splendid suns’. I loved the book, and spent several days thinking about the characters in the books.. I love books that stay with you through the years..

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