Don’t Anggrryy Me!

10171618_10152930723038875_942222384546388207_nAll of us get angry. Sometimes at least.  No? The way we react differs depending on whom we are angry at and where we are. Some people

    • Yell  – Harsh words. Become a completely different person and say nasty things.
    • Clench their teeth –No shouting. No loud noise. Face may turn red. Teeth grinding may happen
    • Become Captain Vijayakanth – No words, onlyaction. Whatever is in the hand will fly and land at something
  • Smack you on the face – My friend’s 2 year old daughter did that. Swear, no provocation from me
  • Escape from the scene – Like how Maddy walks out of the apartment when Shalini irritates him (Alaipayudhe, of course)

So many different varieties.  What do I do?

When I was small kid, my Grandma used to pluck chukkati pazham (manathakkali) everyday from her garden and give it to me. My uncle had just got married and his wife was there in the house with us. One noon, my Grandma as usual plucked the fruit and gave it to her new DIL. She did not see me standing there watching in dismay as the DIL ate it up. The next thing that my Grandma heard was a loud scream. She turned to see me stomping out of the house in great fury. Poor Grandma wanting to mollify me followed my tracks to find me covered in soil with a plant in my hand. No, its not the chukkati pazham.. I had uprooted a new gooseberry plant that she had planted that morning. I must have been all of 3 years when this happened.

In the recent years, I feel that I have never yelled/screamed at anyone (@ mom does not count). I am a fail case when it comes to anger. At the most, I would have reacted like only 6.8% of the times. The only possible explanation I can come up with is that the wiring is wrong in the brain. Some wrong connection between “angry” button and “start cry” button. Most times, the wires meet in the middle somewhere and it is half sobs, half fury muddled up mixture.

Picture me shouting with tears streaming down my cheeks & a running nose. It has zero effect. In most cases, the intended recipient looks at me and starts laughing leading to more tears and a redder nose at my end.

C’est la vie!  Siggghh.


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