Someone pliss tell me …

What is happening to aaj kal ke bache?  Now that I’m officially old, I feel it is quite okay to fret about generation gap.

The other day I was hanging out with my cousin who just turned 18. We decided to dress up nicely and click pictures.  As soon as I took the camera in my hands, she turned to the side, raised her hands to the hips, looked at the camera with a quizzical expression and made a duck face. She did that for all the 167 photos we took that day. 

It is not just her. There are many pretty looking girls that I know who put up duck face pics all the time. They tilt their head to a skewed angle as they pull the face and pout. In every single picture. I am often wondering if they have a problem with their necks or something??

What is even more confusing is when men who do it. I am not joking. Recently a gorgeous guy on my watsapp contacts changed his display pic.There he was, bare-chested, showing his six packs, in the gym, pouting.

Someone please tell me, isn’t it nice to smile for a pic anymore?

Hmmmmph. Enga kaalathla…  [back in my days] …. finger horns on a friend’s head or yanking someone’s ear was considered cool. Aaj kal ke bache….
p.s – I tried to make a duck face once – I’m still traumatized from it!!


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