Sorry Julian, We are done!

For a long time I didn’t know that ginger beer is non-alcoholic.

As a child, my fantasy was to be a part of the Famous Five and their picnics where they had cream buns, hot scones, raspberry pops, jam tarts and glupped ginger beer to beat the heat. I always wondered how they let 10 yr olds drink beer 🙂

A few years back I was thrilled to see ginger beer on the menu of a local café. Despite the dude’s warning, I ordered it. Hah! What does he know I thought and smirked at his order of chocolate smoothie. My ginger ale arrived; I took a sip and turned into a GEM (ginger eating monkey).

How much I had to beg him to trade his smoothie with me is altogether another story.

Yep, lesson learnt 🙂

p.s : Who is Julian? The oldest member of the Famous Five. My crush.


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