when love flies out of the window

My room has been invaded by an army of black ants thanks to the nonstop rain outside. These ants are affectionately called saami erumbu / pillayar erumbu in Tamil (translated – god ants) cos they don’t sting like the red ants.
Yesterday night as I was folding my clothes, I noticed two ants making a beeline to a crumb of chocolate on the floor. They went around it, discussed something and in just a few seconds, hundreds of black ants arrived on the scene. In about 2 secs they lifted the chocolate crumb off the floor and vanished from the scene. Story not over yet.
I was feeling very happy that I got to witness the events and continued to do what I was doing when suddenly something sharp pricked me. It was a black ant. Damn! All the love I had for ants flew out of the window.

Saami erumbu is asaam erumbu!


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