Analogy, really?

Conversation with the dude about bikes this morning


He:  Hybrid bikes are better for Ashram roads and this terrain cos they have suspension.

Me: Ohh.. why race cycles don’t have.. is it?

He:  (rolls his eyes at me for not knowing this great fact) Yeah!!

Me: Ohh.. but why…?  Isn’t it much more expensive than your hybrid cycles? Why don’t they have suspension?

He: (rolling his eyes again) cos it will reduce the speed of the cycle.

Me: (feeling curious) Ohhh! So what is the maximum speed on your bike?

He : 19 km/hr

Me:  If it is a race cycle?

He: 25 km/hr

Me: ohh! (after mind calculation) 6 km/hr it that big a difference?

He: (rolling his eyes again) yeah Achu. 6 kms in a cycle is HUGE.

Me: — blank look on the face —-

He: If I can do a distance in 40 mins, on a race cycle it will take me just 25 mins

Me: — blank look on the face —-

Me: It is like…  if I make you and an Olympic race winner run together. the speed difference….  yeah.. like that. That is the difference

Me: (rolls my eyes) thanks!


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