Like the dog’s tail ….

I was in Chennai last weekend to meet two of my close friends. Since one of them has arrived from the U.S and has an itinerary busier than most world leaders, we had to plan a lot to finalize the dates.  While all this was happening, The Dude was away on work and did not know about my trip.

I must confess that while I made plans for thr trip I did not have any ulterior motives. But slowly it descended upon me that this was a fabulous opportunity, a great learning experience for The Dude. How?

You see, in the three days that I am not in the house he would

  • Get bored.
  • Get very bored. wonder where I am. what I am doing.
  • Learn a lesson. Promise himself to call me once in a while when he is away

So… as soon as he got back,  I was very excited to break the news to him.

Me –  Heyyy, am going to Chennai this weekend. To meet my friends. Yeeayy!

He – Ohh wow. Super!!!

Me – I know…  I am going… alone… with my girls… going to enjoy soooo much.

He –  Ohhh nice nice. This weekend? Booked tickets?

Me – Nope.

He – Remind me, first thing tomorrow, we will book tickets for you.

Razor sharp that I am, I sense the ‘you MUST go’ in his tone.

Me – (Casually) So.. What you gonna do – 3 days?

He – I was thinking of going for a ride

Me –  ohhh nice nice (Mind voice “ Haha. Pavam fellow is going to be so bored. High five me”)

He – You wont believe today afternoon only I spoke to the boys. The timing is great. You also won’t be there no.?! I will do a 4 day trip.

Me- 4 days ah? But where can you go on your cycle?

He – Haha …No. No. Bullet Trip.  Thinking of going to Agumbe forest.

Me – ohhh nice nice (Mind voice:  “ Mega flop. There goes my plan to teach him a lesson. ”)

Trivia Agumbe in North Karnataka has dense lush green forests, small streams, ghats and is known for its rich biodiversity. A fantastic place to spot snakes, wild animals, monkey and others of their ilk.

In a few days, I packed my bag and left to Chennai while The Dude put on his helmet and set off on his bike.

I had a lovely time with my friend, her family and their 5 month old baby. I was a little bit worried for their house coz every time the cute munchkin flashed his boka vaai smile, my heart just melted into a puddle. Too many puddles can flood/drown the house no?

Ok, back to topic, after 2 days of eating out, going to the beach and having a great time, I wanted to show off share my happiness.  So I sent 6 photos to The Dude on watsapp. Photos of me,  of me holding the baby, of me with my friend and the likes.

I see two tick marks. An hour later, I get 3 photos from him.

  • 2 photos of the tyre + beach sand + sky combo
  • 1 photo of the wet road (in the night) with the bike head light on.

I give up.


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