math is fun?

Confused. I was filling up an online survey form and got stuck at the 2nd question. The 1st question was my name and it was optional. The 2nd one wanted me to fill my age. The options were
a) 18-25
b) 25-30
c) 30-35
d) 35- 40
I am 30. Now how do I choose between option B & C. Obviously I want to be in the 25-30 category. I am 30 and 4 months. Not a great fan of math,my wicked mind suddenly reminds me of the ceiling function. For those of you who did not learn C, C ++ in school, this function is used to round up a number. i.e – 123.456 is rounded up to the next full integer 124.

I am devastated … I don’t want to choose option B.

My alter ego jumps in to my rescue. Bulb erunjidhu ‘Ceiling irndhaa flooring irkanum’. I quickly googled & confirmed. Flooring function it is. hahahah 🙂

P.S: So much brain activity for a day. I don’t think I will complete the survey.


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