I have a shoe and I am not afraid to use it

woman-running-cartoon-493014A few years back I announced my intention of buying new shoes cos I wanted to start going for a morning walk. The Dude, who always has something mean to say, suggested that I should wait. He said that first I should start going for walks. If and only if I settle into the routine of walking everyday, perhaps, then I should proceed to buying proper shoes. Well, history has proven that I don’t listen to him much. So I went and bought these nice blue Nike shoes.

I wore them. Every day. For a week.

Then it lay untouched for a year. We shifted to another house. The shoe got transported too. It lay there outside our room on the chappal stand with the other shoes.

A few months later, the dude notices my (not so) new shoes and starts his lecture. ‘”Achu, you hould use the shoes once in a while or else it may tear (wither). You can never use it..if that happens.. it will become a waste.”

Now how will that happen? I demand an explanation. You see, wear and tear can happen only if I wear. How will tear happen when I don’t wear? Unable to answer my brilliant questions, he continues  “Paathu, kolavi koodu katta pogadhu” (Be careful. A wasp may build its home in your shoe). I smirked. I would gladly give my shoe if it meant providing shelter to pavam insects that have no homes.

After a few months, I felt like wearing my shoes and going for walk. I took my blue shoe that had turned brown with dust. I sat down to clean it. The Dude wanted to watch this kankolla kaatchi (wonderful sight) of me cleaning it. I noticed mud coming out of the shoe as I banged it hard on the floor. A 100 questions enter my Mind -Arrey, I have not used the shoe in the last one year. Has someone been stealing my shoes? Where is the mud coming from? etc., 

I notice that the hard brick type mud is coming from the insides of the shoe. I remember the story my grandma narrated when I was a child. About a boy who was stung by a scorpion that had crawled into his shoe. I wanted to be careful.. So I gingerly lifted the shoe and peered in to get a closer look. In just a split second I threw my shoes at the dude (who wasn’t expecting this) and ran away shrieking at the top of my voice.

Just escape! A wasp has built its nest. The Dude has sixth sense?!


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