When we are very hungry and have no food to eat

A friend got us a dabbah of Hyderabad biscuits called Badamees. They tasted really really good


Day one – 1/4th of the dabbah is over. A joint effort by the dude & me.

Day two – I was fruit fasting. That means I eat only fruits the entire day. ONLY fruits. Somehow I successfully managed to stay only on fruits and not cheat. In the night..  I was lying on the bed and reading a book.  I turn and.. what do I see?  The biscuit dabbah on the bed next to me. The dude who finished his dinner, is playing some car race. Fully focused, only his hand keeps moving, every now n then, transferring the contents from the dabbah to his mouth. This continues for a while and unable to bear it any longer I whine loudly “How can you be so mean. I am on the verge of getting a headache cos I have not eaten anything and look at you. These biscuit smell so good and I am not able to eat them… Did you even think how I will be feeling?”  He looks up for a brief second and smiles at me. I grab the dabbah, put it in the fridge with a loud

“Don’t touch it. This is for me. Ok? “

Day three (evening) – I am sweeping the room and I notice the dabbah on the floor on ‘his’ side of the bed.  Wondering how it got there, I pick it up.

It is empty. Not even a crumb is left. I am boiling with anger.

The dude arrives on the scene. I walk up to him holding the box and demand an explanation.

“Achu, yesterday night I slept very late.. I couldn’t sleep..  I felt hungry suddenly. There was nothing to eat in the house. That’s why I ate the biscuits”.

I say nothing. I grab his arm, take him to the fridge, open the door and show him

We have  three apples, one water melon, three cucumbers, two guavas, six date fruits and a papaya inside the fridge.  One muskmelon and two bananas on top of the fridge.  This is like a mini pazhamudhir nilayam. So sad there was no food for you in the house.


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