When Achu got mail!

All of us get emails with ridiculous offers tempting us to spend money or invest time.. one way or the other…no?  Here is a sample of the colourful ones that I get ….

Citibank – Check your availability for the American Gold Card

Dei! My boss has not given me even a visiting card.  The husband has not given me even a fake gold watch.   I don’t have the paisa to go to Amrica in this lifetime.  What did you want to give me again?

Holiday IQ.com  – Where will you be going this weekend?

Dei!  The husband does some insane 1,500 kms on his bullet during his break. He plans to do some 80 km plus day trip on his cycle this weekend. Me? Oh, I will catch the local bus and go to my parents house this weekend. Happy?

Quora – What are the similarities between Modi & Rakhi Sawant

Taxonomic classification – Human beings. They both have two eyes, one nose, one mouth. Oh wait. Ms. Sawant got a nose job, lip job and multiple other jobs as part of her job. I don’t think there is any similarity. Dei! Stop wasting my time.

Dr.Batra Hair Story – for a tale teller

Dei! There is more hair on the floor these days than on my head.  Even if you tell me why Katappa killed Bahubali :-p , I am not going to feel better. What chandamama story you have, tell?

CA club India – Skillset to crack a CA exam

Dei! The very idea that I had of taking up CA exams after a gap of 6 years is proof enough that I am a crack.  You are trying to usupethify (provoke) me? I think you are a crack!

Matrimonials – Thousands of tamil matches waiting for you

Dei!  The one match that I myself made is making me churn out posts that are longer than the Nile. As a result two dozen people have blocked me on fb. Are you serious? 1,000 more matches it seems.

Popular in your network – See what Deepika Padukone sees!

Finally something that makes sense. Dippy will see a Ranbir or a Ranveer or the likes.   I try to open the link and  …. what do I see?

“Request denied by watch guard proxy. All entertainment sites blocked”


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