Finally my chance to appear on T.V

The dude decides to make his morning cuppa chai by himself. Oh, not because one sudden morning he woke up and decided to be responsible.  Because we had a tiff. A squabble at work that continued back home.  Since he could not bring himself to request humbly “Achu, can u gimme tea”, he decided to do it on his own.

So this morning as I am washing vessels, I notice a dark  brown stain that is refusing to come off a vessel.  What is it? See to make one cup of chai, you will need ½ a cup of milk. So half a litre of milk will easily last 3 days. The dude has been heating milk in the same vessel for 3 days over and over again. The result is burnt milk stain that refuses to budge. 

Sigh. For chai only this much, imagine if the dude decides to start proper cooking!!!

By the way, can someone please ask Abbas to come home with his camera crew?  He can show the world how vim liquid dishwash soap can take off any vidapadiyaana karai (stubborn stain).


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