Why I could use an extra pair of eyes

Brevity is not my forte. It surely does not help when I am supposed to record meeting minutes. Sometimes when I am enjoying the discussion , I end up capturing all the spoken words.  End of the day, it becomes a problem for me coz  the notes that now run into dozens of pages ..I should somehow fit in a page or two. Inspite of this, I am always aked to be present in meetings if any note taking is involved.

So the other day I was thrilled coz I was excused from a meeting.  The Dude, my FIL and other team members were part of it. I clearly knew that I had no role in the meeting. You see, I did not want to waste my time

  • gaping at a new zit that has cropped up on The Dude’s face
  • stiflying yawns and trying to look bright eyed
  • exploring my artistic side, where I draw fishes and ducks on paper
  • staring at the Dude/trying to catch his eye only to be promplty ignored.

My FIL stepped into my role, took notes of the meeting and left the paper on my desk for me to type the next day.  The next morning was one of those days where I am in a hurry to finish the entire day’s work by 10 o clock.  Of course that never happens. In my enthu cutlet mode I sit and type everything chak chak chakchak  and announce “finished!”.

In another 2 minutes I would have emailed it to all the participants. My FIL, the stickler for detail, sits with me and asks me to read out the entire document aloud.  We reach almost the end of the document …and the bullet point says:

  • To explore possibility of raising in-kind donations for the following – audio, LED, rice, vegetables, arsenics, fruits & oil.

Yes. I had typed arsenic.

He had written groceries.

Light’a slip ayidcho?


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