Are you a members only?

I am making a prediction here. Soon there will be job offers for assistant/secretary who can manage whatsapp. Let me explain…. You see, with the facility of creating groups in whatsapp, you now find yourself part of minimum 7 groups. Please check your phone quickly. If you are not a member of atleast 7 groups then you are doing something terribly wrong with your life. You need to take some time off and reflect on things. All you have is this one precious life. You HAVE TO figure out why people don’t love you enough to add you to their groups.
How 7 groups?
– School friends group
– School friends special group (minus frenemies)
– Best friends forever (for girls) / Bike dudes (for boys)
– Cousins group (minus elders)
– Family group (with elders)
– College friends group
– Married only group (with child/without child)
– Moms only group (one baby/two baby or more)
– Singles/ Machaans only group (ready to mingle)
– Married (but still cool) machaans group
– Cycling/Bikers group
– Yoga Peeps / Zumba / Gym group
– Foodies group
– Shopaholics group
– Crafts group/terracotta making/ paper quilling group
Ok.. so what is the problem you may ask. Some kind soul (who is not part of any of your group) sends you an amazing video/joke/fwd. You immediately want to send it to everyone … cos happiness has to be shared no? That is when you have a problem.
– A is a member is group 1 & 5
– B is a member is group 2 & 5 & 7
– C is a member is group 1 & 7.
Now if you forward the video to these groups, A, B and C will think you are a fool. Cos they will get the video 2 times. But you are worried about D, E, F who are not part of any other group and need happiness in life. Orey the confusion happens. What is the solution? Is there a solution? Yes!!!
Do you remember Venn diagram that your Maths miss taught you in ninth standard? There is a reason why you drew circles with a monna (unsharpened) pencil all over your unruled notebook. Cos they knew it will help you in the future. When you want to send a whatsapp message, you should give your assistant a subset of people …something …something and he will use a koormachi (sharpened) pencil to make a venn diagram. That way you can send dog chasing cat/cat slapping dog/ baby sleeping, drooling, pooping videos to your loved ones.
P.S : Boss, I may have gotten the venn diagram concept fully. But please don’t teach me. I am busy trying to figure out my whatsapp and its not easy.

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