Time to return the favour with interest.


When I was in school, my dad never bothered about my studies. He was not interested to know what subjects were being taught or if I was doing my homework properly. That was my Amma’s responsibility. If I remember correctly she also did not feel the need to coach me after 2nd standard.

So this happened when I was in 7th std. My mom was concerned that my Math marks were dropping and she felt she had to take charge. I don’t remember what topic it was ..but despite her earnest efforts to make me understand, I was just not getting it. In a few minutes, she lost her patience and gave me a ‘kottu’ on my head. I was furious. You see, the only time(s) she has hit me was when I did not eat (yes,  I was a poor eater). I was very, very thin and people used to ask the pleasantly plump her why she was not feeding me enough.

Back to the story, I was so angry… I threw my Math book down and made a huge fuss.  She immediately regretted hitting me.. So then she started crying and lamented how unfair God had been with her.  She gave birth to a daughter who was bad at Math and did not understand the simple concept. Why so much histrionics? You see, it seems she was the local Shakuntala Devi (math genius, you know?) and once in school when she did not score a centum, her maths miss cried. Paaah!! What a buildup.

Years passed by. I scored a 99 in Math in my finals. But it was never my favourite subject. I chose business maths in my plus one.  I think now with all this maturity and analyzing skills, I know why I hate maths… thanks Mom!!!  Back then, I was too young and naïve to do anything about it. So next weekend when I go home,  I am going to ask her to show me her 10th mark sheet. If I don’t see a centum there, time to return something with accumulated interest of 18 years (Did you see what I did there?   😉 )


3 thoughts on “Time to return the favour with interest.

  1. If I got hit once and if I get agitated, I would get a dozen more. So I would stand there like Senthil (hands folded). You have a mom who plays by some rules 😛

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