Pre-kg – Her mom wanted to know what they gave her in school for lunch. She said “cherry bear”. Mom did not understand. She  kept repeating “cherry bear” “cherry bear”. Mom thought it was gibberish. A week later mom makes green gram (Cheru payir in malayalam) and the kid screams in delight “cherry bear”.

LKG – She hated milk. Her aunt would her big glass of milk and tell her that if she did not drink, the horse (on the glass tumbler) would drown. So she would gulp it fast, fast till the horse’s head would be above the milk.

UKG – She used to think that all judges were called Anand. In T.V during a court scene the lawyer would look at the judge say “Your anand. Your anand”…. Errr Your honour!

1st Std – Her father signed the report card and kept it on the top shelf of his cabinet. She thought he was following instructions. She got 1st rank and her class teacher had written in the remark section “very good. Keep it up”.

2nd std – After school, she would walk 2 km to take a bus with her mom. There used to be a Chinese restaurant on the way. She used to read the name board everyday aloud twice. In English – Kowloon and in Tamil – kelaloon (கெளலூன் )

3rd std – Her dad suspected that she had used his razor. He asked her several times if she had taken it. She had not touched it and she told him that. He still refused to believe her. 2 days later he told her that he had given the blade for fingerprint testing in a lab and the report said “It is a growing child”. She was so angry and felt bad for all the good people who got arrested because the finger print guy goofed up.

And then …. she grew up


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