Sometimes I just want to scream

Me – Hey…. can I borrow your ipad for my Chennai trip? The day train is so boring .. I will finish off my books in no time
He – * Blank look on the face*
Me – What? I will be careful. Don’t worry
He -* Shocked look on the face*
Me –Thanks! Now I know how important I am to you.
He – Don’t blame me. How many times I have seen you throw the earphones down when you are sleepy . Do you know one side is not even working now?
Me – Fine. I don’t want your stupid ipad. I don’t know why I asked you in the first place. Wait till I get one of my own. I hate you.
** After 10 minutes of sobbing, blowing my nose in the wash basin loudly, looking at my red eyes in the mirror and churning out more tears **
He – Ok, I am sorry. I trust you. You take it for your trip
Me – No thanks. I will change my name if I touch it again
He – Don’t. I like your name Achu
** I throw him the “If looks could kill, you would be dead right now” look** The dude requests (politely) and tells me I could take it and he does not have a problem. Suddenly he has become a saint realizing his attachment to materialistic things. I am moving around busily packing my stuff ignoring him. He gives up. We leave the house.
In the railway station …..
Me – Know, what …. I packed your ipad. Hah! You thought I would give up easily?
He – Haha ok. I told you to take it anyway.
Me – ** victory look on my face** does a dinka chika dance mentally
He – Nice. Did u take the charger too?
Me – charger?? what charger?? Why didn’t you tell me? You are so mean. I hate you.
He – ** Hurriedly wipes the grin on his face and brings the blank look on his face once more*

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