Big big mistake

This morning . . .
He – Hey, you were saying you wanted to buy kurtis for Diwali no..when do you want to do it?
Me – **Mind voice – Yeah right. Why don’t you ask me 5 days later ** Nope. I don’t want to buy new clothes now
He – But why? You told me you wanted.
Me – Yeah.. but I have put on so much weight. I thought I should not buy kurtis till I lose some weight
He – Oh!!! Then why don’t you buy a Saree? That way you don’t have to worry about ehh… err.. well…emm…
Me – ** I throw him the “If looks could kill, you would be dead right now” look**
He – No no.. I just meant to say you don’t have much Sarees buy no!.
Me – Yeah right. *Stomps off angrily**

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