The Thing

Carrot, Beans and Peas in the fridge.
When I bought veggies, my intention was to make vegetable soup. But as usual I proceeded to make veg biriyani instead 😀 😀
I sautee the veggies, put the rice in the cooker and as I am about to add the biriyani masala, I discover that I don’t have it. I rummage the fridge to see if I have stored in some corner something for use on some day. Nope. Nothing.
Mad at myself for not checking before I started, I decide to manage with chilli powder. After all I have mint leaves (which is the magic touch for biriysani according to me) and .. No chilli powder also!!!
I am in a state of shock.
I check my fridge once more. I have a packet of puliyogare powder (who cares?)
What happened?
sambar powder + rasam powder + cumin powder + aniseed powder + pepper + generous dose of ghee = THE THING (Finished product)
THE THING tasted okay only. I can’t bring myself to call it biriyani. Any suggestions?


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