Don’t make me a murderer

I support small vendors. I like to buy vegetables and fruits from street vendors rather than a departmental store but incidents like these piss me off so much.
A few days back, I was in town hall and I saw this vendor selling black seedless grapes. I enquired how much and he told me quarter kg is 60 rupees and half a kilo is 100 rs. I felt it was slightly costly but I wanted to eat grapes.. So I told him to give me 1/2 kg. As he was picking up the grapes to weigh, I told him something which I tell every vendor “Nalladhaa paathu kudunga Anna” *Give me good ones, please*.
Immediately this fellow went off on a rant saying how righteous he is. He would never cheat unlike the fruit guy next to him who says 500 gms but gives 400 gms.. he went on and on and even told that he would rather die than cheat. I felt slightly embarrassed that I made him go on this long rant. I gave him 100 bucks, said a thank you and pushed off. I walked two steps and the vendor called out to me, waving a 50 Rupee note “Madam, your balance”. I told him no.. I gave you 100 rupees only no? Then he said okay okay and kept the money back in his dabba.
On our way back home, I stopped in Pazhamudhir Nilayam for a glass ofj uice and I chuma went inside to see the fruits they have. Imagine my shock. 1 kilo grapes is 104 Rupees.
Which means this fellow quoted the price wrongly. He wanted to give me back my 50 rupees when he saw that I gave him double the money.. but he saw an opportunity there to cheat me and he cheated.
I was soooo furious and kept complaining and whining to the Dude. He could not bear my polambal and offered to take me back to the crowded Townhall Area . I don’t like confronting people so I said its okay and I let him drive in peace.

But I am still not able to forgive or forget. I repeat, That fellow told he would die than cheat. Should I have gone back and killed him?


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