A for …

A is my favourite letter.  Cos A is for Achu and that’s me 🙂

When I was in my  4th std, my mom revealed the great story behind my name.

“You see when you were born, I had 3 names in my mind – Aparna, Arundhati, Archana. Arundhati was my first choice”.

“How could you think of naming me Arundhati amma??” I cried.  I was so furious with her. You see God of small things happened much much later. Arundhati was not really a fancy name that an 8 year old would have liked. It was more the kind of name the heroine of a backiaraj movie, wearing a paavadai thaavani would have.

Unmindful of my interruptions, my mom continued

“Then I saw this song where Amitabh Bachan keeps running behind Rekha and calls out to her Archana …Archana”. Then I thought Archana is a pretty good name.

And that is how my mom decided to name me Archana!

Can you believe it? Amitabh Bachan!!! And this mother of mine doesn’t understand much Hindi, doesn’t watch Hindi movies and secretly hates Bachan.

This is the thought process/effort that went into choosing a name for me. Sigh.


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