C for ….cake

The first time I tasted a piece of cake was when I was 22 years old.

That’s cos, I am allergic to egg 😦

When I was 3 years old my mom fed me a piece of cutlet and I threw up. Slowly they figured out that I have egg allergy. They took me to a pediatrician and the doctor told them that there is no cure and this is something I will have to live with ..for the rest of my life. He also told them “Don’t worry..So what if she can’t eat eggs…give her ladoos”. My parents thought it was hilarious. I did not.

When I was growing up, I used to feel sad that I could never have a birthday cake. I guess my mom didn’t know about making eggless cakes. So I never cut a cake for my birthday. I would see other people enjoying cakes and pastries and I always wished someday miraculously, this egg allergy of mine would disappear.

It is very difficult for me to eat food from hotels. Forget non-veg .. even vegetarian food like chili gobi, naan, romali roti contain egg. If they make dosa on the tawa in which they have made an omelette, that is enough to give me allergy. Once I ate naan from Annapoorna, the most reputed “veg” hotel in Coimbatore and threw up. That’s when we knew that they used egg in Annapoorna.

The worst part is I cannot eat any U.S chocolates because all/most of them have egg as an ingredient.

How did I then eat cake? The dude on my 22nd birthday got me an eggless cake from Hot Chocolate (from a newly opened pastry shop). Since then for my every birthday and even for his, we order eggless cake. Hot chocolate makes better eggless cakes than normal ones I am told. These days, there are so many independent bakers who make eggless cake. So if I want to eat a piece of cake, it is easy.

I turned 31 a few days back.  The dude got me a  cake. Yesterday we celebrated my birthday again,with my friends and they also got me a cake.

So this time I got 2 cakes for my birthday !!!

Honestly, 10 years ago I would have never thought that,  one day I would have a big chunk of cake in my fridge uneaten, ready to be eaten by me after I finish writing about it


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