F … for Frog

This happened when I was 8 or 9 years old.

In my old house, when it used to rain, the rain water would get collected in the terrace. The drain outlet was blocked by a piece of cloth. After the rains, my mom or dad would go to the terrace and remove this obstruction and all the water would fall into a huge drum through the pipe. If it rained heavily, then the drum would overflow (which was rare). Most time the drum would be quarter or half filled with this water which my mom would use to water her garden in the days to follow.

The area near the drum would always be slushy. Cos of the water dripping and all that. I don’t remember how it came to my knowledge about the presence of frogs underneath the drum. I am not the kind to venture into the garden and explore. So I am guessing my mom must have passed on this information to inspire me to do something other than being cooped up in my room.

So I did go to see what was there. I saw 2 plump frogs sitting there very still, not at all scared of the intruder (me). I  was offended by this lack of respect. I wanted them to move. Quite fearless, I went inside my room, discovered a metal curtain rod and brought it outside and used it to poke the frog gently. No, no, no …trust me when I say I was not a cruel person. I was just trying to get them to move their fatty ass. But the huge frogs just stayed. I did not want to hurt them so after a couple of attempts I left it.

I remember doing this for a couple of days.  I remember the texture of the skin, the feel I got when the rod touched the frogs..every single thing.  But the frogs just remained there.

Then one day,  my mom came to know that I was doing this. That’s when she lied to me. She told me that if a frog pisses on you, it can cause warts.

That’s when I decided it was time to find another hobby.



One thought on “F … for Frog

  1. Nice memories! Me and brother used to have a tortoise in one rainy season long, long back. We actually put it carefully where it wouldn’t be taken by anybody else or more importantly, seen by our parents. The tortoise remained our best friend for the next couple of days when, suddenly it disappeared. To this day, we don’t know what happened to it but we talk about it so much.

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