G ..for geography

I was very good at Studies and always scored good marks in school. But I was not interested in certain aspects of the syllabus. For example, diagrams required in the Science subject. I remember, in my 10th std, I had written some test in Chemistry and when I got my corrected paper, I saw that the teacher had circled it  and reduced 1 mark. I did not understand what was wrong till my friend pointed out that the burette was inside the conical flask which was suspended in the air.There was half an inch gap between where the flask actually was and the table on which it was supposed to rest. Lol!

The next area that never interested me was Geography. I liked history and civics more.. geography theory part was okay but I hated it when my teacher asked us to mark the rivers and places on the map.  I never attempted to learn anything more than what was required. Only the names of rivers, countries suggested at the back of my text book, I knew.

So after my 10th std board exams – social studies paper, in the evening after my mom got home from work, she took my question paper and was leafing through it.
Mom : Achu, how did you do?
Me : Okay, as usual. The map was a little tough.
You see, my mom’s favourite subject next to mathematics was geography. Seems she and her father used to play some game where they had to locate places on the atlas. I am glad my father did not torture me like that. Coming back to my story, she saw the list of places given in the question paper ..
Mom: What was difficult? (Obviously she knew everything).
Me: I was not sure where to mark West Indies.
Mom: **gasps in disbelief ** How can you not know?? Where did you mark it ?
Me : I first thought its near Cuba. Then I thought it must be that small cluster below Australia.
Her jaw just dropped. I had mark NZ as West Indies. 😀 😀
I scored a 95 in that subject. But till date my mom cannot forgive me for marking West Indies there.
Ok.. lemme go quickly confirm once more where it is before you ask me any more questions.



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