Don’t angry me – 2

The dude for gets to do something and I am put in an awkward situation. Since he is away, I vent my feeling in a strongly worded SMS.   He calls me 2 hours later

He:  hey, so what happened? I saw ‘some’ msg

Me: Didn’t you read the message?  Don’t you understand tamil?

He: Ya, that’s what.  What happened?

Me: Nothing. I somehow managed the situation

He: Oh ok good.

Me: Cant you alteast say you are sorry?

He: Sorry

Me: You know you also forgot one more thing today

He: I gotta go. I am still in the meeting



2 thoughts on “Don’t angry me – 2

  1. Hey girl. Hope you are doing good. I know i protected my blog just like that, that’s only because i stopped writing. I haven’t wrote any posts after the last post you read. Promise 🙂
    That said, i am planning to get back to blogging soon and will àdd you to my blog too. Thanks for sending the request.
    Zidane just slept and i am just catching up on your posts 🙂 btw are you volunteering for the ashram in chennai? Just curious 🙂

    • Heyyy Tharani .. So glad to hear from you. I was wondering what happened to your blogpost. Please start blogging soon and do add me. Baby Zidane must be a bigg boy now no? I miss hearing your funny stories. Hope all is well with you.
      I am a volunteer with Isha Foundation in Coimbatore. 🙂

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