Hair troubles

Bored with the hair you have been growing (?) for 8 long months, you feel it is time for a trendy hair cut. You go to the parlour and the talk to the stylist.

Me : Hi.. I want a hair cut…emmm a layer cut.

The stylist examines your hair and gives you a wretched look.

She : Your hair is dry, thin and has a lot of split ends

Me: (mind voice) Aaaarrghh…Like I didn’t know all that.

She: How short you want it cut?

You wince when you hear the word*short*. You hurriedly explain to her

Me: My hair grows verrrry slowly . It took me almost a year to grow it to this length. So just trim it a little. Don’t reduce the length

She: (Exasperated tone) This ok?

In the mirror you can see where she is holding.. about 3 cms and you smile at her.

She then proceeds… gathering your hair at the top of your head. . dividing it into sections.. scissors going snip snap, snip snap… after many more clipping and unclipping, partitioning and spraying she finishes it. It takes a good 40 minutes. She brings a large mirror to show you the effect.

OMG. It is so short. Did she confuse 3 cms with 3 inches? Ohhhh nooooo what did i do?

Sigh..  but it is ok. It looks nice…and after all hair .. it will grow.

You walk out of the parlour feeling good about life in general and then you meet the husband. He of course does not say anything. So you run your fingers through the hair and toss it slightly and ask

“So, did you see.. my hair cut? Nice ah?

“Oh.. really? You cut your hair? I don’t see the difference.

That…and that is when you think that you should just go get a mottai (tonsure) done.

Maybe then the difference will be noticed.


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