My tryst with chapatis

I hated chapatis as a kid. Hate is a mild word. Since I was not allowed to make a fuss/waste food /skip breakfast, I came up with a great plan.
I would wait for my mom to leave me with my plate of food. The minute I knew she was gone to finish her other chores, I would quickly go outside and throw away nearly 3/4th of the contents of the plate. My unsuspecting mom had no clue what was happening.
So one day, this happened. My friend Srivani and I used to take the bus together to school. She would park her 2-wheeler at my place and then we would go. That morning she was there looking visibly upset. Her school bag had given away and she didn’t know what to do. How to carry books?
Suddenly my mom says “Achu has an extra bag .. wait I will fetch it for you. Before I could realize what was happening, my Mom walked into my room, opened my wardrobe and took out my bag.
She opened it and some white powdered stuff started falling out of the bag …..Powdered chapattis!!!
I watched everything blur around me.
You see, on those days where my mom was hovering near me and I didn’t find the perfect opportunity to fling chapatis into the next compound, I would stash it in this bag. In the evening, I would anyways be home before my mom and I’d manage to throw it away. Somehow I had forgotten about the chapattis lying in this bag and ants had gotten to it.
I got heavy scoldings in front of my friend. My mom couldn’t believe the extent of my soora-thanam (grossness??). After severe grilling and honest confessions, she went on to discover more chapatis in the loft also.
From then on, on the days she made chapatis for breakfast, I got dosas 🙂

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